Obstetrics and Gynecology |Paris

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Gynecologic cancers are treated in several ways. It depends on the kind of cancer and how far it has spread. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Women with a gynecologic cancer often get more than one kind of treatment.

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Celebrate your Women’s Day in Paris

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A woman is an epitome of beauty, wisdom and care. She has climbed the mountains and dived into the ocean.

One Medication save Many lives. This Women’s Day celebrate the joy of successfully battled over the breast Cancer.

All Collaborator, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Delegate, Student, Foundation and association, Researcher, Survivor are welcome to join and share your experience in Paris.

Register here-  https://breastcancer-congress.pulsusconference.com/registration

Share your Researcher And Win the the Awrads

Breast Cancer & Womens Health 2020


Your research has something unique to show.! 
chance to win the Award for your research, Nominate yourself now for below categories. 

1) Research Excellence Award 
2) Best Poster presentation Award 
3)Young scientist Award 

 Academic, Students, Current researcher are welcome to nominate for the above category 

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Womens are the asset of motivation..!

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According to the research; Pregnancy-associated breast cancer includes breast cancer diagnosed any time during the pregnancy or in the first year postpartum.

What your research suggest you..?? what unique your research has for the better womens medication ..??

Learn and share in Paris this July, Mark your dates !

Details- https://bit.ly/2NAAvVz

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Share, Care, Spread at Paris

Breast Cancer & Womens Health

New Investigation? Waiting to share your thoughts??

Well, all this problem springs into your head when you’ve got a good researcher and you want to show it to the world. Brest Cancer & Women’s Health 2020 will provide an admiring thought out research area. Save your Dates and open your best content this July..!

The participants will be awarded by the following category..!

1)Best Keynote Speaker

2) Best young scientist

3) Best Poster presentation

4) Best Speaker presentation

More details – https://lnkd.in/fzz9ptY

Heal the pain at Breast Cancer & Womens Health 2020..!!

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What’s Your Thought??? Share and Gain

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According to American_Cancer_Society It is generally safe to have surgery for breast cancer while Pregnancy Chemotherapy seems to be safe for the baby if given in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, but it isn’t safe in the first trimester.

What is your Thought???? pregnancy is safe during Breast Cancer????

Meet the most eminent experts in Breast Cancer & Gynecologist in Paris.

Share your ideas & enhance your research.

Details on – https://breastcancer-congress.pulsusconference.com/

To Participate contact- Rosa Costa on-

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New Event in PARIS | FRANCE

Breast Cancer & Womens Health 2020(1)

Dear Attendees,

We are once again bringing for you one more event on Women’s Health to share the new aspect and research for the #Breast Cancer & Womens Health. Due to our Spain conference has been fulled, considering the response, we have organized this event at Paris, France.

Impacting 2,1 million Women every year and also causing the largest number of deaths from cancer among women. In 2018, an estimated 627,000 Womens died from breast_cancer & 91,730 new cases diagnosed with Gynecological_cancer

With this moto We will be happy to join experts from different countries and exchange their viewpoints, brace data base and adjust new thoughts of Breast Cancer and Women’s Health.

Doctors, Professors, health care professionals, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Students, Nurses, directors of association and societies are welcome to Paris to share their view.

Interested participant Can contact – Rosa Costa through the given mail id- .

Details onhttps://breastcancer-congress.pulsusconference.com/